Breaking boards

Jordi’s awesome front kick 

Four of us got belted yesterday.  In taekwondo, that’s a good thing.  🙂 My 3 kids and I have been studying taekwondo together this summer, a sweaty but satisfying way to get quality time together.  It’s so fun to watch them getting better, and I have to work harder knowing that the kids are watching me, too.  Last night we were awarded our new belts that we tested for a few weeks ago.  My favorite part of belt testing is breaking boards.  It’s so Hollywood. LOL When I think of martial arts, I see guys breaking boards with their bare hands (or feet or head).  So splintering that wood makes me feel official.   Check out the cool pictures of the kids getting tough.  No one was working the camera when I broke mine. Jordi (above) used a front kick to earn her gold tip, Cam (below top) smashed a elbow strike for his orange belt, and Sean (below bottom) used his hammer heel to earn his gold belt.


And these are my adorable nieces after our instructors awarded their white tips.