Field trips – concrete benefits in the real world

My youngest son participates in a co-op biology class.  During a recent module on the respiratory system, one of the moms arranged a field trip to a medical supply company that specializes in oxygen and respiratory care services.  While there, I saw a nebulizer on display that was amazingly improved over the one my husband and daughter use to treat asthma attacks.   I knew our nebulizer was 20 years old, but didn’t realize how much the technology had improved.  Okay, I will be honest: we just hadn’t thought about it at all since our machine “worked.”

We ordered a new one from Lincare, and it arrived yesterday.  Besides being smaller, lighter and quieter than the old one, and having a handy car power chord, it actually works more efficiently (imagine that!).  Both husband and daughter have already used it and have commented that the recovery time from the asthma attack was much faster.  I’m so grateful to see my family spared physical pain.

By the way, it’s called the Mini Elite nebulizer by Respironics.  I give it two thumbs up.

Anyway, just wanted to remind homeschoolers that field trips and seeing “school subjects” in the real world are worthwhile.  Keep taking advantage of our wonderful opportunities to have our children educated in the real world rather than being tied to lengthy hours inside a classroom.  Sometimes the benefit is simply an understanding of how the subject is applied.  Sometimes the benefit is an inspiration for a career.  Sometimes it’s something immediately concrete and useful to your family.

You don’t need a co-op class to take field trips.  Whatever you’re studying, look around and ask, where does this show up in the world around me?  If you can’t think of one, a google search will often turn up new homeschool field trip ideas.  Venture forth, brave learners!


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