Wading in new water…constantly!

14 years into this homeschooling career, and I still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing sometimes.

My oldest son graduated without the benefit of a physics class.  It doesn’t seem to have permanently damaged him (for that matter, I graduated public school without the benefit of a physics class and have never suffered from it).

But my children have never been satisfied to be just like a sibling.  I know that’s something worth celebrating, but doggone it makes me tired!  So I find myself in the positition of researching physics curriculums.  Weighing options and feeling highly inadequate to the task.  I’ve been in this position before…pretty frequently actually.  I know in the end we’ll all come out wiser, and that this is part of the commitment I made to homeschool my children.  I will consider and research every option to give them the best possible education.

I expect my children to learn new things each year.  I can expect no less of myself.


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