The goal – or the path?

A link forwarded to me by a philosophical friend.  A highly interesting read.  What am I focusing on as we start the school year – the goal or the path?  Can we do both?  Am I nurturing a human being or trying to create the “best slave”? 

I find this girl’s reflection on her no-doubt outstanding education to be sad.  She’s the valedictorian of her high school, and yet she missed something valuable in her schooling, and she knows it.  This is simply her perspective.

Worth reading.

Maybe since my oldest is starting his final year of high school, I’m just getting mushy.  But as I reflect on the goals I set for his education and evaluate how well we met those goals, I have to evaluate if the goals were worth reaching in the first place.

Anxiety and learning

Something worth contemplating, during the rush of “back to school” that August inevitably ushers in.

“A fundamental psychological principle is that anxiety inhibits learning. Learning occurs best in a playful state, and anxiety inhibits playfulness. The forced nature of schooling turns learning into work. Teachers even call it work: ‘You must do your work before you can play.’ So learning, which children biologically crave, becomes toil–something to be avoided whenever possible.”

Peter Gray, a research professor of psychology at Boston College, is a specialist in developmental and evolutionary psychology and author of an introductory textbook, Psychology.

Go ahead, read the rest of the article.  Plenty to chew on here.