A wicked new writing tool

Call me easily amused, but this writing tool cracks me up.  It’s called Write or Die and is run by someone calling himself Dr. Wicked.  Basically it’s a tool to help you bulldoze through writer’s block.  You set a word limit and a time limit, and start typing (yes, there are writing tips and links to writing articles).  Then hit “go” and start typing.  There’s a countdown timer, and the screen changes colors and provides “evil sounds” as your time runs out.  You can choose “normal” mode or “evil” mode, depending on how strict you want to be.

I can see this truly appealing to my son.


He’s got a writing blog, an online writing lab and a free writing newsletter, too, if you get hooked.  I haven’t thoroughly searched the entire site, but I haven’t seen anything inappropriate yet.  Standard disclaimer: please use discretion with allowing your children unsupervised access.


Maxing out the cards

I maxed out three cards today while shopping.  I didn’t intend to – I was just going to pick up a few needed things and then browse a bit.  But I kept spotting items my kids would love, and items I didn’t know existed but suddenly was filled with excitement about. Before I knew it, stuff was spilling out of my arms.

It’s okay, though.  I was at the library.  The cards I maxed out were library cards.  Besides, I still had two more cards in my pocket, so I could’ve checked out even more.


And my kids were thrilled with my “purchases.”

For my youngest son, a great book of magic card tricks and one about how to take care of ferrets (our newest addition to the menagerie).

For my lovely and gastronomically gifted daughter: The Science Chef.  It’s about learning the science behind cooking, like why toast turns brown or why onions make your eyes water or why egg whites change color when you beat them, followed by science experiments and yummy recipes for each food.  How fun is that?

For my oldest son, the musical theatre buff, a gorgeous coffee table book called Disney on Broadway.  He sighed at me as I staggered in the door under the pile of books (there goes mom again!), but he excitedly grabbed that book from my hands before I could dig down far enough to show it to him.

I love that my kids love books as much as I do.  I love that the library makes it possible for me to indulge our curiousity on ANY subject.  I love that my kitchen table is covered with piles of books, looking like the most delicious buffet imaginable.

And I’ve still got two empty library cards left to fill…