Brain on strike

My brain has officially gone on strike.  Or, at least the portion of my brain dedicated to making plans, scheduling, and organizing.  This homeschool year has been unusually heavy on intense projects.  The robot club, the academic writing course, the college prep biology, the regional spelling bee, the leads in musical productions. 

My brain is usually brimming with projects, eagerly scheming and dreaming new opportunities and improvements or extensions on existing ones.  It’s spring.  I should be perusing curriculum catalogs and library shelves, but instead I’ve gone into total shut down.  Moms around me are suggesting co-op classes for the summer and the fall.  I’m just treading water, telling myself I’ll kick back into high gear after X project is completed, but as each project and class completes, I still stall.  Clearly, some long-dormant self-defense mechanism finally kicked in to prevent overload.

 It’s time to find some rest and balance.


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