Desperately searching for typical

People keep asking me what a typical day of homeschooling looks like.  I’m not sure why the fatuation with typical.  I’d rather know what a splendid day looks like, or maybe a rotten day, so I can make a decision based on my ability to handle the extremes, but I digress.  Everyone asks about the Typical Day.  So I search through my mind.  At the end of the day, I ask myself, “Was that typical?  Is that the day I can share with potential/new homeschoolers or with the curious unitiated?”

I haven’t found it yet.

Today is as typical as a nontypical day can be.  Today, the hairbrush is green and sparkly.  Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, and 3 kids have painted their hair green in an excess of festivity.  (One chose not to participate at all, claiming his brown shoes were “close enough to green” to count – such a party pooper)  Is green hair typical here?  Maybe not, but some sort of costume, uniform, or dress-up happens often enough that it no longer surprises me.

5 kids are sleeping in this morning.  I only have 3 kids.  The twins are a bonus this week.  Is that typical?  Our policy on travel and sleepovers during the week is flexible enough that the number of people in my house fluctuates. 

4 kids are on spring break.  1 is taking a late spring break because she’s travelling to South Carolina later this month.  One of the spring breakers is studying spelling anyway (big regional bee next week) and one is studying Western Civ (upcoming CLEP test).  Different schedule for everyone in the house?  The pressure of big deadlines?  Yes, typical.

All of them are tired from a day of volunteer labor.  They spent a big chunk of the day carhopping at Sonic for tips to raise money for 4-H.  A few hours were spent building a set for a play at the community theater.  Community service surrounded by friends?  The concept is typical, it just never takes the same form from day to day.

An unfinished 5-foot long curved sword is planted in my front yard like a grisly warning to yard gnomes.  The body contruction is complete, but the fiberglass coating on it isn’t dry.  This is what passes as “arts and crafts” to my teenage son and his friends.  Don’t ask, but yes, that’s fairly typical.

It’s 10 a.m. and I’m in my robe.  I promise that most days I shower and dress first thing like a civilized human being.  But since today isn’t a typical day, I’m taking advantage of the relaxed atomosphere to stay comfy.  And I’m waiting for the dishwasher to finish so I’ll enjoy hot water.  At least, that’s my cover story. 

Typical will have to wait until next week.


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