Life, with a soundtrack

This morning, I heard the strains of “Dancing Through Life” floating through the room.  The boys both sat at the table, humming and tapping pencils as they worked on math and biology.  My daughter danced through the kitchen on her way to the den bookshelf, hair flying out as she spun.  Our schoolwork flows better with a soundtrack.

I’m guessing most of life does.  Sweet.


A fitting reward

I’ve been quizzing my son with his spelling words, helping him prepare for the spelling bee.  Since the study list is divided by language of origin, it’s pretty easy to divide it up and study one language per day.  Today he nailed the Asian words, didn’t miss a single one, not even a challenge word.

“Mom, since I didn’t miss any words today, can I get a special treat?” (son being hopeful)

“What did you have in mind?” (mom being suspicious)

“How about we study another word list!” (son being angelic)

Of course, I gave him his reward.  It seem only fair. 🙂