It Felt Like a Booger

Two of my kids came home from a birthday party today with war stories.  They were literally war stories because it was a little boy’s birthday party and all the other little boys brought guns so they could shoot each other.  What could be more festive?

My daughter wasn’t actually supposed to participate in the Airsoft war.  She attneded the party as the big sister to help keep the Birthday Boy’s big sister entertained, but the appeal of shooting and being shot overcame her.  So she came home with welts on her face and stories of being shot on the cheek and in the ear by her little brother.  She now wants her own Airsoft gun…supposedly for entertainment purposes, but possibly for revenge as well.

But little brother’s story wins.  He got shot in the nose.  I mean actually IN the nose.  Inside the nose.  He said he felt the pellet hit his nose but he thought it fell down to the ground like good little pellets should.  He also said he felt “a loose booger.”  As he was leaving the party, he blew his nose and shot the pellet out. 

I’m only glad that he didn’t retrieve the pellet to save as a souvenir. 

We don’t have ordinary moments around here.


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