Peer pressure at its finest

Conversation on the 3rd of August about when our homeschool year will begin.

My favorite daughter: Mom, it’s not fair!  2 of my friends have already started school, and I haven’t.

Me (pretending to be sympathetic but inwardly snickering): Actually, at least 3 of your friends have.  Hannah started her schoolwork this week, too.

My favorite daughter: Can’t we start soon?

Me (sighing and pretending to be thoughtful): Well, this week is kind of crazy.  We could get out your math and science books next week, though.  You don’t have to wait until September.

My favorite daughter (thinking she’s just talked mom into something cool): Yay!

Big brother (butting in and trying to ruin a lovely moment): That’s dumb.  I want to wait as long as I can.

My favorite daughter (putting on a little pouty face that she thinks is cute): But I like math!

Sooooo…guess who starts math and science early?  She’ll finish before big brother, too, and then he’ll complain about that.  On a philosophical point, my friends assure me that it’s not hypocritical to use peer pressure when it suits me.  It’s just being a parent.  We need all the tools that work.


2 thoughts on “Peer pressure at its finest

  1. Kate asked me to please let her study Greek if she finished all her regular subjects on time. LOL
    Latin and conversational Spanish are part of the regular subjects.
    Now if I could only get the other one excited about learning!?!?!

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