Our rock stars aren’t like your rock stars…

My daughter bounced into the living room tonight and chirped, “Mom!  Topher is my friend!  I have Topher on my laptop!”  She sang and danced and generally acted like you’d expect a young teenage girl to act if she’d just added a rock star to her Skype friends list and had a date to teleconference with him the next day. 

What?  You don’t know who Topher is?  Well, he works with a book store called Book People in Austin, TX, and his claim to “fame” is that he created a literary summer camp based on the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan.  He’s on a first name basis with Rick.  He brings the world of Percy and Annabeth and Grover to life.  In our world, that makes him a rock star.  

Tomorrow, Jordi and her friends begin a Greek herioc quest by teleconferencing with Camp Halfblood campers in other states.  Our new odyssey begins.  Let’s rock.

P.S.  Thanks to Intel for phrasing that fabulous slogan. 🙂


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