2 spots open in Camp Halfblood

Got the urge to race a Greek chariot?  Craving a nibble on stuffed grape leaves while challenging your mythology trivia knowledge?  Ever wonder what the inside of the Trojan horse looks like?  Are you a fan of Percy Jackson and the Olympians?  

Announcing the return of the greatest Greek mythology camp since Theseus killed the minotaur!

2009 Camp Halfblood is bigger and better – after all, last summer’s camp is ancient history.  Camp Halfblood, based on the bestselling series by Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, will draw our demigod kids into a 2-week adventure of epic proportions.  (Note – this camp is run by homeschoolers, and most kids signed up at this point are homeschooled.  But, hey! it’s summer and we’re all on the same schedule, so public and private school students are welcome)

Activities include fencing lessons, archery, swimming, chariot races, rock climbing, javelin throwing, heroic quests, trivia challenges, capture the flag, and all manner of training appropriate for heroes who must save the world from the Titans.  This year’s camp will also include introductions to Greek culture through language, food, music and hands-on, no, full body-on projects (is that even a word?). 

New this year – an overnight adventure of unspeakable danger.  Hey, the monsters tend to come out more after dark.  Don’t worry too much, we’re lining up some brave teen counselors to help protect your young demigods, so chances of actual death are low.

The day camp will run two weeks from July 6 through July 17.  Campers will sleep over Friday, July 10.  Kids ages 9 through 14 are welcome.  The camp will be located at Harrell Park in Wichita Falls, TX, behind Lucy Park.  The fee is $200 and includes 2 weeks of daycamp, one overnight stay with breakfast, a Camp Halfblood t-shirt, and supplies to make a sword, shield and javelin of your own.  Campers will need to bring their own packed lunches and water bottles, and each family will be asked to provide snacks one afternoon. 

Campers will be expected to have read the Percy Jackson series (nothing at camp will make sense otherwise) and be familiar with the story of the Trojan War (you can never tell when history will repeat itself).  If you agree not to summon a Chimera across our borders, we promise not to let your kids know they’re learning history and literature during the summer.

A limited number of spaces are available – and by limited, I mean EXACTLY 2.  Please make your reservations quickly.  Questions?  Want more details?  Wish to sign up?  Need to report a hydra loose in your neighborhood?  Contact us at camp.halfblood.wf@gmail.com.


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