My life in randomville…

As I walked past my 13 yo daughter, calmy eating her snack and working on her math, she grinned and stuck out her tongue.  She’d painted stripes on her tongue with vanilla yogurt.  Some dribbled onto the table when she started giggling at my surprised expression.  I reached the computer desk, not quite recovered, and noticed that my 15 yo son – theoretically focused on writing his soon-to-be-blockbuster novel – was staring angelically at the screen with his fingers on the keyboard.  Next to him on the desk stood an unlikely creation.  It was a towering stack of objects from the desk, precisely balanced in an unlikely configuration worthy of the Cat in the Hat with a spinning plastic dish on top (probably the lid to a case of CD ROMS).  He noticed my befuddled stare, glanced sideways at the tower, and matter of factly gave it another spin and went back to typing.

Life is random.  Kids are creative.  I’m just going to close my eyes and try not to wonder what child #3 is doing…


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