Thank you, Marty

He was just tagging along on a trip for his big sister, but today Sean is walking with a little extra swagger.  That’s because he can now do something his mom and sister can’t: change a tire.

We left on our trip uncharecteristically early (my husband says I nurse a curious relationship with time, but that’s another post) and I thought we’d get Jordi to her meeting 45 minutes early, plenty of time to stop for cheeseburgers and stretching before turning around for the 2 1/4 hour drive home.  When a tire blew out unexpectedly and left us stranded by the highway, I saw my relaxed schedule go up in shredded rubber.

We’d only been stranded for a few minutes when Marty stopped to rescue us.  After discovering that I don’t know how to change a flat (yes, I was there that day in driver’s ed, but I stood in the back of the crowd chatting with friends…my own fault). 

Marty didn’t just change the tire, he taught my 11 yos how to change it, adding in little tricks about using the tool as a lever to help lift a heavy tire, and entertained him with stories about how fun it is to fix and drive tanks.

We made our destination safely and not too terribly late.  And now if we get stranded again, I know I’m in good hands, even if Marty’s not around.


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