How to become a theatre/art fan

Yesterday, I ran into my friend Lee at a museum event, and I asked him if he’d seen a performance of Oklahoma! at the local theatre.  He laughed and said no, he wasn’t a fan of art and theatre.  I laughed, too, because I know exactly what it will take to turn him into a fan.  It’s what happened to me that changed me from the kind of person who watches live theatre once every few years to one who watches live theatre several times a month.  It takes your own kid being on stage. 

Simple formula.

This is my kid, playing Slim in his last weekend of performing Oklahoma! at the Wichita Theatre.


Second from the left, white hat, black vest.  Ain’t he cute? 🙂

In a few weeks, I’ll be subjected to, I mean, treated to High School Musical 2 on stage.  After that, a little Shakespeare just to lift the mood, and then it’s on to Wizard of Oz.

Go ahead, call me a fan.  Lee Weaver, it could happen to you, too.


One thought on “How to become a theatre/art fan

  1. Spot on Jean! Witnessing your own kid sparkle will inspire all kinds of new interests and investments that you could have never imagined on your own…like sharing parental custody with ancient Greek gods.
    Doesn’t Lee have kids? You already know how contagious the theater bug can be. (insert evil genius laugh)

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