Musical perspective on standardized testing

All around me, the public school system in entrenched in TAKS season (Texas something somethings Skills).  It’s stressful to those involved and bemusing to those of us without. 

For the record, I always aced every standardized test I was ever asked to fill out with my number 2 pencil.  I suspect my children would do well on them – suspect, not know, because I’ve never subjected them to one.  Oddly enough, after 12 years of having it drilled into my mind the massive, ominous importance of standardized tests, I discovered that after you take the magical test that gains you acceptance to college, test-taking is a skill that just doesn’t play into the “real world” as much as my teachers might have me to believe.  I purchase groceries, pay my insurance, earn a paycheck, educate my children, and run a household and no one ever asks me to fill in the dots  completely on math and reading comprehension.  Weird!

This song amuses me to no end.  Hope you enjoy it, too!


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