The pressure builds

The longer I wait between blogs, the higher the pressure I feel to write something outstandingly deep, meaningful, and humorous, something that will move readers and leave them thinking, “That was worth waiting for!”
Sorry to disappoint both of you. Today, I’m simply breaking my streak. I’m trying to overcome the inertia of NOT blogging.


3 thoughts on “The pressure builds

  1. I’m a member of the Lord’s Church in Wisconsin and I came across your blog through the private Yahoo site. (I mostly lurk there too.)

    I always enjoy your posts, deep, funny, or otherwise. They make my morning cup of coffee that much sweeter. It’s encouraging to me to see you continuing to be such an active, dedicated homeschooler. Many in my congregation started out homeschooling but have since put their kids back in public school. Starting to feel like a dying breed.

    Glad you broke the inertia!

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