It’s just not Christmas without…

We’ve only built gingerbread houses 2 or 3 times in the children’s lives, and they were all spectacular failures (the gingerbread houses, that is, not the children).  Copious amounts of icing were required to keep the lopsided architectural monstrosities upright long enough for a photograph.  We laughed a lot during the process, and the houses tasted better than they looked, but still…

I was quite surprised when gingerbread houses made Jordi’s, “It’s just not Christmas without…” list.

This list is a new brainstorm of mine.  Every year we celebrate Christmas with a reckless mixture of planning and impulse, tradition and new adventure.  I wondered this year if the kids had any favorite traditions, any pieces of holiday joy that they just couldn’t live without.  The goal, of course, is to ensure that we make time for what’s most important.

Their lists taught me a few things.  First, the boys are surprisingly easy to please.  As long as a tree stands in the corner and the peanut butter bon bons are dipped in chocolate (as if I’d skip that!!!!), Christmas is good.  They’d just as soon sit around watching Christmas videos to running around crafting, decorating, carolling, baking, and all those other busy verbs.  Jordi, though, thinks we need a gingerbread house. 

It’s a good thing no big bad wolves tramp through my kitchen.  One little huff and puff, and this baby will fall.   Apparently, though, that’s not a problem to Jordi.


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