Delayed gratification

When Jordi told me she wanted to save up for a laptop, out loud I said, “Great idea!” and to myself I said, “No way.  It’s too expensive.  She’ll never save for that long.”

Jordi was 10 at the time with no regular source of income, outside birthday presents, which just don’t add up that quickly.  2 days ago, she emptied her savings account and took it all to Best Buy with her daddy.  She hasn’t put that laptop down since.

For 2 and a half years, she squirrelled away every dime that came her way.  She collected pecans up and down the neighborhood to sell.  She babysat.  She asked for money for her birthday.  She even received several donations from kind friends who thought it was really adorable that this little girl was saving for such a big project.  In all that time, she released money only for three things.  Once she bought herself a pair of pants ($6).  Once she bought her big brother a present ($15).  And she put money in the collection plate at church (I never asked how much). 

And now, she carries around with her a serious piece of hardware (daddy is a computer geek and wouldn’t let her buy cheap junk).  She’s listening to audio books, downloading games, and emailing me pictures taken with her built in webcam.  And she knows that delayed gratification is the very best kind.



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