Who are your heroes?

rick-riordan-155How do you choose your heroes?  Do you pick someone who resembles you?  Someone you think you just might grow up to be like?  Someone who does what you could never do?  Surely, it’s someone who excels at something you admire.

Here’s a hint about one of mine.  I’m standing next to him in this photo.rick-riordan-140            Last week, we got a phone call and dropped everything to rush out and meet a hero.  We rearranged our schedule a bit more to see him again the next day and collect autographs.  Not a rock star or an athlete.  We’re a little too nerdy for that. 🙂  He’s an author, a former teacher, and someone who inspires kids to learn.  My kind of guy!

I indulged in a rare moment of hero worship and actually asked him to sign my t shirt and take a picture. 

Mr. Riordan came to Wichita Falls to speak at several local public schools (we’d have driven much further for this opportunity!).  A few phone calls later, the homeschool community was graciously invited to attend the assemblies and listen to him speak.

Sure, this guy has impressive credentials (how many books on the best seller list?  and two major motion pictures being made of his books simultaneously, one by Steven Spielberg and one by Dreamworks?  yeah, that’s big time).

rick-riordan-1411But I’ll tell you what impressed me the most.  Why he remains my hero.

During each of the assemblies we attended, Mr. Riordan (or Rick, now that we’re such close buddies, we should be on a first name basis) gave the kids plenty of chances to talk to him and ask him questions.  And he looked each kid in the eye and answered their question as though they were valuable.  He treated all the kids with respect.  He graciously agreed to autograph everything we shoved his way (and my kids took their entire book series, some duplicates, t shirts, and even a bandana).  He seems to genuinely like kids.

That’s something I admire.


2 thoughts on “Who are your heroes?

  1. Couldn’t agree more! People who treat children respectfully are rare and wonderful! I am so thrilled that he was a teacher for so many years for I imagine that he made many children feel valuable and important.
    I still haven’t been able to explain to my husband why I am not more productive some days, but I think it has a whole lot to do with the fact that I’m not a good multitasker so I have to stop what I am doing to listen when my kids are talking. (And they both LOVE to talk!)

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