Back to the subject at hand…Rick Riordan joins the rank of homeschoolers

(I’m returning now to homeschooling topics, because political and economic topics make me so angry right now…grrrr.)

Author Rick Riordan officially joined the homeschooling community this year.  In case you live on a different planet than us (you know, the planet where we wait breathlessly for the next installment of the Percy Jackson  series to be released, where we devote our summers to re-creating Camp Halfblood as an authentic camp where kids hunt monsters, fight with swords, race chariots, and go on heroic quests, where we debate the personality quirks of Poseidon and Hades as though we knew them personally, THAT planet), Rick is a public school teacher who created a Greek mythology phenomenon.  His book series is a great adventure that just happens to be a great learning/teaching tool.  Can you tell that we’re fans?

His own son has struggled for years with learning disabilities.  Dealing with those struggles actually helped lead to Rick’s book series, and ADHD and dyslexia play an important role in the books.  The Riordans made the personal decision to school their son at home this year.  I love this quote, because it shows that they’re discovering one of the great benefits that draws in so many families:

“…there is no falling between the cracks. Haley is the only student, so he has to master the concepts or we don’t move on. He has to answer the questions, engage in discussion with me, use his best-handwriting, edit his paper . . . He can’t turn invisible, which is what he prefers to do in a regular classroom.”

They’ve also hit a few reality checks, like discovering how much hard work and time is involved. 

Welcome to your newest adventure, Riordans!  Like most heroic quests, the difficulties are proportional to the glory at the end. 🙂


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