Who oversees whom?

In the ongoing debate of whether or not the government should increase regulations on homeschooling, Dana Henley, author of the Principled Discover blog, makes an excellent point:

Will there occasionally be a homeschooler who abuses this freedom?  Certainly.  Just as there have been priests who have taken liberties with children while in their positions of trust and just as there have been teachers in public schools who have done the same.  And just as my neighbors could be dealing drugs for all anyone knows.  But how much power are we willing to grant the state in order to monitor the possibility of wrongdoing?

In a free society, it is the citizen who is vigilant in overseeing the state, not the state in overseeing the individual.

Who’s job is oversight, anyway?  Forget that no evidence shows the government regulation benefits homeschooled children, this cuts to the heart of the debate.  This country was built on a government of the people.  We oversee the government.  We provide checks and balances.



One thought on “Who oversees whom?

  1. Good points. In today’s American society it seems the government wants to protect society from itself. Make it seemingly impossible to fail or get hurt. How can you grow as a person if you never fail or make mistakes? As a result, you get huge mistakes when it’s too late (like this banking mess) rather than little ones. Too much government control is a scary thing, especially in family issues.

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