Nurturing Brave Writers

Writing is dear to my heart.  From literature class to journalism to blogging, I seek out every opportunity to make my thoughts gel in written form. 

Because of this strong background, I’ve never been scared of the thought of teaching my own children to write.  Through homeschooling I’ve had various levels of success at doing this.  Each child has his own personality and voice, and none of them actually dread the “w” word.  Even then, I still seek out expert advice and welcome help from those more skilled and experienced than myself.

Which is why I’m sooooo excited that Julie Bogart of Brave Writer, Inc. has agreed to hold a live, in-person seminar on Nurturing Brave Writers here in Wichita Falls.  Woo hoo!  Yippee!  My pencils are sharpened. 🙂

If you’re a homeschooler anywhere in the North Texas/Southern Oklahoma area, you should check this out.  She specializes not just in teaching kids to write, but in teaching moms to teach their kids to write.  She also refreshes and energizes the homeschooling soul.  It’s worth the drive.

Hope to see you in the Falls.


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