Becoming a storyteller

Every culture is shaped by its storytellers.

So says Daniel Schwadbauer, novelist and author of the One Year Adventure Novel.  This is the writing curriculum we’ve chosen for my high school son this year.  The two goals of the program are to understand the pieces of a novel and to write a compelling action novel over the course of a school year. 

My son is so excited over the choice that he actually snuck in to the computer to pop in the first lesson.  He asked me today if he can start early before school actually begins.  Being the benevolent, compassionate mom/homeschool teacher that I am, I granted him permission.  (If someone can figure how to do this with algebra, please tell me!)  Imagine…an entire year of high school writing without essays.  He’s in heaven.  He’s already asked if he can repeat this course next year.

As educators and parents, we want our children to grow up to lead meaningful, productive lives, and we want them to be leaders…to impact and influence the community they live in.   For some reason I always pictured these positions of power and influence as lawyers, politicians, and professors.  Daniel Schwabauer says the power also lies with newspaper editors, marketing and ad writers, singers, talk radio hosts, and movie producers.  The storytellers. 

“It’s the storytellers who steer popular culture.”

I wonder what direction my son’s stories will take us.


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