It starts…new adventures await

The school year has started.  We haven’t sat at the table and cracked a textbook, but it has started anyway.  There’s so much learning going on here, who has time for textbooks?

Right on the heels of wrapping up Camp Halfblood, the most amazing Greek mythology unit since…well…since the Greeks actually made sacrifices to Athena…we dove into volleyball camp and robot club and still managed to squeeze in interviews for 4H awards (interviewing…definitely a life skill) and a Better Business Bureau Smart Consumer Workshop (My daughter is lecturing me on the wisdom of checking the small print in a cell phone contract.  Neither of us owns a cell phone!).  Did I mention that rehearsals have started for the next community theatre production?  All 3 are involved in Seussical, Jr., a musical with about 1,296 ensemble songs to memorize.

I love that my kids are always willing to try new things.  As long as new experiences are an adventure and not a threat, I know that they will be lifetime learners and lead rich, productive lives.  Last year, robot club was our new thing.  Oh yeah, so was auditioning for community theatre.  This year, volleyball takes that spot.

At ages 14 and 12, Cameron and Jordan have never played a team sport.  That might sound like sacrilege in this Texas sports-are-everything culture, but competitive team sports just never had a big draw…never filled a need for us.  They’ve done individual sports like martial arts and gymnastics.  They’ve done team activities like robotics.  We just never put the two concepts together. 

At last year’s end of school picnic, a buddy asked Cameron to play a little volleyball with him for fun.  Apparently it was fun (and 12 foot long arms don’t hurt), because he’s been asking ever since to join the team this year.  For Jordan, all it took was A) big brother is doing it, and B) I’ll get to see my friend Katy.  She’s sold.  It’s just a bonus that she has now discovered that she enjoys the sport and will be able to play it competently. 

We’re off to a new adventure.  Let the games begin!  (and I guess I should locate those textbooks…)


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