It’s quiet around here…too quiet

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the Hollywood cliche.  My house really is too quiet.

My kids all simultaneously left me for that American rite of passage called summer camp.   I’m wavering between viewing it as an awesome opportunity for them to test their fledgeling wings with a safely supervised bit of freedom, or a dreadful sham  of boarding school on a trial basis. 

They come home in 2 weeks full of happy memories and new skills, their days filled with exciting adventures, fun project classes and joking friends.  Mine are a bit more mundane.  Scrubbing grout, sorting closets, and getting the wheels aligned on the truck.  Sure, there are perks.  Plenty of time to ride my bike at the lake.  I can eat lunch whenever I’m hungry.  And I’ve only had to pick up the den floor once.  Oddly, it has stayed clean for 3 days now!  I even got to control the remote and watch an old episode of Dr. Who while folding the laundry.

Is this what empty nest syndrome looks like?  Is this what life would be like without children?  Busy, productive, quiet.  I don’t like it.  I love the energy and the creative power and the odd, random conversations that the kids fill my life with.  I’m willing to wash extra clothes and pick up extra messes and even referee arguments in exchange for that.

Where no oxen are, the trough is clean.  But much increase comes from the strenth of the ox.  Proverbs 14:4.  Only 9 days until my cattle come home. 🙂


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