Camp Halfblood – a mythological adventure

His first archery efforts...he managed to hit the target most of the time

Been too busy this last week helping the kids finish their 4H record books to post here.  Today we turn those in (whew). 

Yesterday we started a new adventure…Camp Halfblood.  It’s an adventure camp based on Rick Riordan’s series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, a modern day version of the Greek myths.  Such an action book cried out for a real life adventure.  The kids will climb rock walls, learn archery, fight with swords, race Greek chariots, solve riddles of the Oracle, play capture the flag and go on quests.  Not bad for a “literary” camp for “nerdy” homeschoolers! LOL 

Here are a few pictures from the first taste of the adventure.


31 thoughts on “Camp Halfblood – a mythological adventure

  1. Bravo! Looks like you’re really having fun with CH-B. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you folks out. We’ll be heading into our fourth year of Camp Half-Blood next summer and I’d love to share anything I’ve learned that could be of benefit to you and your crew of demigods.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Where is this Camp at? I loved the book series and I think I will want to try this out with my kids! About how much does it cost?

  3. My 9 year old son is desparate to go to a camp Camp Half Blood. Are you offering a summer camp? He’s hovering over me and insists that you know he’s read all 4 books plus Demi God Files and is convinced he is indeed a Half Blood, son of Posiedon.

    1. Not that I know of. You’ll just have to do what we did – make one! The guy who runs the “official” camp in Austin is named Topher, and was really supportive of helping us out.

  4. i really want to camp haf-blood. Are you offering summer camp. i have read all 4 books and now i am reading the 5th book. i have been wanting to go to camp half blood since april. plese tell me if there is . where it is and where it is .plese! plese! plese1

    1. Heather, actually, yes, we’re offering a summer camp this year. It’s two weeks in July here in North Texas. We have exactly 6 spots open right now, so let me know if you want more info. Sorry, I don’t know of any at all near Florida.

    1. Yes – send an email to the Camp Halfblood email address []. We won’t be running ours in 2010 – this is our last year. The one in Austin will still be open.

  5. I can fly to texas, but how do i book a spot??????? i am total girl of Apollo and pro at archery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! going to camp half blood has been my #1 dream from the time i read the first chapter of the lighting thief !!!!!!!! please tell me when the next spot is open!!!!!!!

  6. Emily, do you see the comment above from someone named Topher? He runs the Austin camp. Click on his name and it should take you to his site. I believe enrollment opens today. You should check into it soon because I know it’ll fill up fast.

  7. I know it’s kind of nerdy because I’m 16 1/2, but since I read the Percy Jackson books (I borrowed them from my 11 year old nephew and basically devoured these books in, like, two days) I’ve hoped for a Camp Half-Blood. If there was a teenage version- I’d go!

  8. I’m wondering if there is a Camp Half-Blood around Atlanta, Georgia, because I’m pretty sure that I’m a Demi-God, and is it cheap? The times leave us all kind of short on cash. -__-

    1. Sorry, I don’t have any information about Camp Half-Bloods in that area. I’ve only heard about 3 (including ours which is no longer running). I recommend you start your own! That’s what we did.

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