The adventurous life…homeschool now, excitement for years to come

Do you find life exciting, dull or pretty routine?

An interesting question.  It was the one question that really grabbed me from the piece of homeschooling research I posted yesterday (  Homeschool graduates answered this question in a radically different way than graduates of public institutions. 

73% of homeschool graduates (remember…real adults in the real world) find life exciting, compared to 47% of public schooled adults.

Only 26% of homeschool grads found life routine, compared to 49% of public school grads.

And a mere .8% (that’s less than 1%) were tortured by a dull life, compared to 3.7% of public school grads.

That same study found home school grads more likely to describe themselves as very happy overall, as being content with their jobs, and being satisfied with their financial situation.

Wow!  By homeschooling my children, I’m prepping them for a happy and exciting adult life!  It thrills me to know that what we do today sets them up for future emotional well-being.  I don’t even pretend to know what makes the difference.  Is it the daily example of parents who try something un-ordinary, who swim upstream and find adventure in daily life?  Is it an escape from the years of institutionalized, bell-driven routine? 

Obviously, no educational choice provides guarantees in life.  Clearly, a solid number of kids from all educational alternatives found happiness and excitement.  I’m gratified to know that I’m stacking the odds in my kids’ favor.  Now…off to find adventure and excitement!


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