Hollywood homeschools

Contradictions intrigue me.  Hollywood potrays negative stereotypes about homeschoolers in their movies (ever see Mean Girls?  Horton Hears a Who?), and yet many Hollywood stars homeschool their own children (or are homeschooled themselves).    I don’t know what to make of it…I just notice and am interested. 

I knew Will Smith and Jada homeschooled their kids.  Turns out Chuck Norris does, too.  Go, Chuck!




4 thoughts on “Hollywood homeschools

  1. Frankly, I’m surprised more parents don’t home school their children. The Twilight’s Last Gleaming On Public Education is an intriguing and socially relevant story which discusses the challenges and obstacles that currently litter the public education landscape. The author constructs a fascinating and enlightening story, which possesses many of the elements commonly found in just about every school system throughout the United States. Navigating the plot to a well-conceived and logical conclusion, the author strives to leave the reader with a sense of time well invested in the reading of this story. A portion of this story may be viewed online by contacting the publisher at http://www.Xlibris.com, clicking on their Bookstore link, then Searching by title. Check it out for yourself.

  2. Actually Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith hired private tutors for their children. They just call it homeschooling, but it isn’t the same kind of homeschooling that most of US do. 🙂

    But still, it isn’t traditional schooling.

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