Rediscovering the fitness trail – why I love Lake Wichita

The lake never nags.  It never asks, “Why haven’t you called?  Do you know how long it’s been?  Don’t you know I was worried?”  It doesn’t berate me.  “You used to run the whole trail.  Now you have to walk parts of it.  You’re so out of shape!”

Those are the voices in my own head.  The lake sunshine burns them away.  The waves tumble to the shore to greet me.  The wind playfully ruffles my hair, like a friendly aunt.  My eyes feast on the open space.  My ears fill with the quiet sounds of birds and sudden rustles in the trees and high grass that remind me of that life teems unseen, besides the jackrabbits that hop tantalizingly close.  The intense bicyclists, the laid-back dog walkers, the graying gentlemen who talk faster than they walk…a random group of smiling, nodding strangers, and yet, somehow exactly the same as the last time I enjoyed the lake trail.

And finally…a welcome back present from the lake…an unexpected meeting with a good friend out walking her Chihuahua.  I turned and walked the extra distance to finish the path with her.

7:44 a.m.  82 degrees Fahrenheit.  Total time moving (running and walking) 1 hour.  Total distance: a little over 4 miles.

I love summer.


One thought on “Rediscovering the fitness trail – why I love Lake Wichita

  1. I love the updated photo. I love the description of the lake trail. I’ll fondly remember your words the next time I take the time to enjoy a run/walk instead of focusing on how hot it is. I’ll also let the sunshine burn away the nagging in my head.

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