Subway issues an apology…sort of

The Subway restaurant recognizes a mistake when it makes one.  Or when it floods the internet and their customer service lines with complaints.  Discrimination is wrong.  Here’s their official statement:



Well…..they did get the point, and quickly, too, but a couple things about that apology leave me unsatisfied.  It’s wishy-washy and fuzzy.  Notice how they dance around the point and never actually admit what they did.  Subway doesn’t admit to excluding homeschoolers and does not apologize for having done so.  The letter only admits being sorry for homeschoolers “feeling” excluded.  The truth is, we don’t “feel” excluded.  We ARE excluded.  In straightforward black and white, the rule says, “No home schools will be accepted.”  That’s a fact, not a feeling. 


It reminds me of a petulant 8 yo saying to his sister, “I’m sorry you got mad when I called you stupid.”  A mature adult should be able to say, “I’m sorry I called you stupid.”


Then the letter states that Subway never intended to exclude homeschoolers.  Let’s examine the evidence.  “No home schools will be accepted.”  The rules clearly and deliberately exclude homeschoolers.  Now, Subway might not’ve intended to anger homeschoolers.  It might not’ve intended to alienate us, insult us, or classify us as second-class citizens.   It may honestly not have realized that homeschoolers participate in groups and can benefit as a group from fitness equipment.  But whatever else Subway did or didn’t intend, they DID intend to exclude us, and I wish they’d just admitted that.


A more honest letter would read, “We messed up by excluding homeschoolers.”  An outstanding letter would go on to read, “We have amended our rules.  Homeschoolers may now participate in this competition on an equal footing with other students.  If a homeschooler wins the grand prize, the prize must be used in a way to grant access to a group rather than an individual family.”  Why are they going to create additional contests which will include homeschoolers?  We haven’t demanded special new prizes.  Why not just allow homeschoolers to compete openly and fairly within the ongoing contest? 


I will still eat at Subways.  I’m giving them credit for making the gesture and publishing an apology.  Maybe I’m being petty, but I know that letter was carefully worded by a team of professional pr reps and lawyers to placate the unhappy homeschoolers without actually admitting to doing anything wrong.  I’m not fooled by it. 


I’m not going to boycott Subway over it.  I think they’ve learned a valuable lesson about the size, organization and outspokenness of the homeschooling community and about our unwillingness to passively accept discrimination.   


Hmm, homeschool moms teaching a lesson….what a concept! J






3 thoughts on “Subway issues an apology…sort of

  1. Do a search for contests that are only open to homeschoolers. I’m sure you’ll find quite a few. If the Subway apology seems wishy-washy, I don’t blame them. they were well within their rights to limit the contest as they did.

  2. I agree with Dawn. It is their contest, so they included who they wanted to.

    People complaining about it give the rest of us a bad name. The only thing they were “taught” is that holding a contest is a pain and not worth it.

  3. I completely disagree with these two comments. The first is just a new complaint; essentially ” You complained and you got on my nerves, so I need to complain about you.” And the second implies a world of wrong thinking about what homeschoolers “should be”. The limits of posting a comment keep me from really explaining the numerous problems but thankfully, new blogs are already posted that do a marvelous job of it. ;p Thanks for the great blog!

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