Homeschool Graduation

My niece Amanda with my daughter Jordan

Commencement is the perfect word.  For me, this is where the homeschool journey began.

12 years ago, I attended a kindergarten graduation ceremony for my adorable niece Amanda.  She blew me away.  She was brilliant, creative, and sweet.  (Not that I’m biased!)  I knew then what a blessing homeschooling could be and that this was the education I wanted for my 3 yo son.

This week, she did it again.  I’d never attended a high school graduation for homeschool kids (they are still kids, right?  I’m not sure.)  It was a more touching and personal graduation than I knew was possible.  The atmosphere breathed respect for family and individuality and God.  A speaker read a biography for each student as the graduate presented her mother with a rose.  The mothers conferred the diplomas and the fathers moved the tassels on the mortarboards and gave the graduate a blessing.  The photographer snapped the graduation picture of the newly graduated student standing between her parents on stage. 

And what a lovely young woman Amanda has grown into…she’s not much taller than she was at her first commencement, but she’s still brilliant, creative, and sweet.  She begins a new chapter in her life as my sister closes the book on her homeschooling career for her oldest child (four more still in the chute). 

She’s inspiring.  She always has been for me.

Amanda\'s Senior Picture


One thought on “Homeschool Graduation

  1. Congratulations! Thanks for being such a strong influence in your daughter’s life! I just wanted to invite you to participate in my newest blog, Christian Teacher Forum here at WordPress. It is basically a networking site for Christian teachers, whether they work in public, private or home schools. We try to share our experiences, our resources and do whatever we can to encourage each other in raising up the next generation of students! Hope to hear from you!

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