Careful what you wish for…

Our family watched Star Wars on tv yesterday, the episode where the Rebels destroy the Death Star and party with the Eewoks.  We oohed at the adorable Eewoks and tolerated our kids’ sophisticated cynicism of the special effects.

At one point, the spirits of the deceased Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda appeared to pass on their wisdom to Luke Skywalker, and I realized that Obi-Wan looked tired and wrinkled, even as ghost.  I commented that if I were to return to visit my kids after my death, I’d like my spirit to look like the younger me. 

Sean had a quick and just a little too perky answer for me.

“That’s easy, Mom!” he chirped without ever taking his eyes from the tv screen.  “Die young!”

Logical, but somehow not as appealing as I’d imagined.


One thought on “Careful what you wish for…

  1. Boy, those first 2 words he said says it all, doesn’t it? Sometimes dying sounds easier than living. I’m not talking about someone harming themselves but God only talks about it being easier in heaven when we will have rest for eternity after living tired and weary lives here. Such an awesome thought! I know that is not where you were going with this post but I just had to share what it made me think of.

    Take care, Jean.

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