Back for another round

I’ll give my kids credit – they’re persistent.  A few weeks ago we survived our first experience auditioning for community theatre.  It was a 3-hour process of nerves and jitters.  Jordan described a strong urge to vomit while on stage (whew!  nerves!).  That was followed by an anxious 2-day wait for the cast to be listed.  Cameron celebrated winning his first role and Jordan cried a little in disappointment, but recovered well.

Last night, we did it again.  This time all three kids auditioned for roles in Peter Pan.  The older two were veterans, much calmer this time around.  They described Sean as “terrified” while onstage.  He came home a bit shaky, but glad for the experience and hopeful of being a lost boy.  Cameron hopes to be a pirate, and Jordi longs to be Peter Pan’s shadow.  It’s been a neat experience for them.  They’re learning to control their fears and face them.  They’re growing in confidence.  They’re making new friends with other kids who show up to audition.  Jordi even got to pull in some gymnastics skills, nailing a beautiful roundoff back handspring while trying to impress the directors who’re looking for a gymnastic shadow for Pan.  (As an aside, she learned something else – wood stages are tougher on your feet than springfloors at the gym.  From now on, she wears shoes!!).  I’m totally convinced that drama is a vital part of education now.

Where will this lead?  I don’t know.  I’m following their lead.  Perhaps to Never-Never Land. 


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