My little (nearly) champion


Not too bad for a little guy who just turned 10 this week. 

My young spelling champion very nearly did it again.  He made 1st Runner Up at the regional spelling bee yesterday.  That means he missed his trip to Washington, D.C. by one word.  That word was diphthong. 

I think he’s amazing.  He learned so many new words, his brain probably doubled in size. LOL  He earned some very nice prizes…a savings bond, an gift certificate, and an impressively heavy dictionary worthy of a municipal library. 

This morning at church, one of the older ladies asked him what word he missed.

“Diphthong,” he answered, “but I know how to spell it now.”

That’s an attitude that will take him a lot further in life than Washington, D.C.


3 thoughts on “My little (nearly) champion

  1. Wow!! He did great! First runner up isn’t too bad, actually it is quite good.

    Congratulations to Sean!

    I am curious, is the winner homeschooled, too?

    Take care, Jean.

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