How many of you are there?

Here’s a funny way to waste 5 minutes on the internet.  Go to and enter your first and last name.  It will tell you how many people in the United States share your first and last name.  There are 1,063 of me.  I feel so insignificant.


5 thoughts on “How many of you are there?

  1. I am surprised there are only 191 of me. I wonder how accurate that is. I thought there would be thousands. Maybe I thought that because my doctor at one time had another person with my name and I visited a church in I think it was Kentucky that had someone there with my name. That would have been really funny if it would have said 3, lol.

  2. I tried my maiden name and it said there is only one person in the US with that name…hmmm…do you think that would be me or does that mean there would be 2 if I still had my maiden name? I find that interesting.

  3. Well, there are ZERO people in the US with my married name. Apparently, no one but DH’s immediate family exist with this last name.

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