What girls build with Legos


File this into the “boys and girls are different” file, just in case you require further proof of the enormous diffferences in thinking processes.

Last night, my boys dumped their impressive Lego Bionicle stash in the living room floor and proceeded to construct horrible, multi-weapon bespeckled mutant cyber-aliens.  That’s what they look like me, anyway.  The boys have names for them all, most of which prominently feature unpopular letters like Q and K.  Being boys, they left the mess out. 

This morning, the pink sparkly butterfly princess (aka Middle Sister) flitted into the middle of the leftover pieces and built something herself while I was reading aloud a biography of Elizabeth Blackwell.  She built a Lego Bionicle valentine.  The boys are horrified.  It’s an abomination.  It’s a waste.  It’s….well, it’s sweet.  Eww.


3 thoughts on “What girls build with Legos

  1. That sure IS sweet! So funny about the boys reaction. 🙂 My boys love legos! I will not have the experience of a little girl’s different thinking process (have only 3 boys) so I will just have to come here to see and hear about it.

    Thanks for sharing the story and picture.

    Take care.

  2. I ROCK and sink lullabies to my sons bionicals…it sends them into tRaUmA! LOL!

    I have the BIONICLE: City of lengends by Greg Farshtey – we accidently ended up with two. Would you like to have it?

  3. LOL! Rachel, I just now read your comment, too funny!! I will have to remember that because I am sure at some point they will need to be rocked and a sweet lullaby never hurt anyone. 😉

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