Don’t be alarmed

Random objects are stuck to my son’s pants.  Don’t be alarmed.  We’re actually used to that around here.


Whenever I notice metallic stuff stuck to my son’s pants, I know he has his favorite magnet in his pocket again.  For reasons unfathomable to logical adults, this procedure brings him great amusement.  At least today the magnet isn’t in his mouth, causing random metal objects to hang from his cheek.  That’s a little creepier.

I’m all in favor of seizing teachable moments and turning interests into lessons.  If anyone knows how to turn this pocket-magnet thing into a useful science lesson, please let me know!  Otherwise, it’s just another quirk that he’ll laugh about someday.  And I’ll laugh about when his own children pull goofball stunts.


2 thoughts on “Don’t be alarmed

  1. LOL….I think he is making his OWN Science lesson without your help~! Boys! What can we say?!
    I remember playing with magnets when I was a kid…learned a lot by just experimenting with what stuck and why. Maybe you could bring up the mineral content and do a mini chemistry lesson?

    Amusing and retainable!

    Loved it.


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