Watching Between the Lines

We cram-packed last weekend with school-related events, the culmination of a few big projects.

Friday night, Cameron performed his first play – a wacky comedy called Kokonut High – and Sean won his the homeschool spelling bee.  Yay!  Of course, the kids simply glowed with the satisfaction of success.  As a mom, though, I was reading (or watching as the case may be) between the lines, and I noticed something worth celebrating even more than a well-performed play and words properly spelled.  Both boys took gigantic developmental leaps that I’m not sure they comprehend themselves.

Cameron was not afraid of the audience.  I know I’ve written it before, but this is a shy kid.  His Bible class teacher came to watch the play and told me he couldn’t believe it was the same Cameron because he could hardly get Cameron to speak during class.  But speak he did.  He looked the audience right in the eye and delivered his lines with confidence. 

Sean showed self-control.  If you haven’t met Sean (nicknames include Captain Insano, Tigger, Bouncy, and the Atomic Kid), you might not appreciate this.  For 9 years, this kid has never stopped moving at lightning speed.  He didn’t even wait the full 9 months to be born!  He doesn’t think before he acts…he can’t…he never stops acting!  He’s zippy.  He’s nuts.  He vibrates when not moving forward, backward, vertical, or diagonal.  And yet, at the spelling bee when he so desperately wanted to win and had practiced so hard and long for the moment, he stood still, he repeated the words carefully, and he spelled with slow deliberation.  Hints of maturity?  Hints of mind over natural inclination?

I don’t know.  I just know this weekend gave me a lot to tuck away and think about at leisure.  Cameron wants to audition for more plays, and Sean is preparing for the regional spelling bee, so I’ll watch their characters unfold and grow again.


One thought on “Watching Between the Lines

  1. You are so good at telling the stories about your children.

    Sounds like they both found things they love to do and they do them well. Yay, for Sean and Cameron!!

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