Money DOES grow on trees


Mom was wrong.  Money does grow on trees.  You just have to harvest it, sort it, and take it to the Pecan Shed.

Yesterday, 2 of my young capitalists decided to gather up the pecans in our yard.  We don’t actually own any pecan trees, but neighbors on both sides have given us permission to collect whatever we want.  I gave them permission thinking it would be a good economics project in learning the value of labor. 

An afternoon’s labor harvested $17 for the two of them, pretty heady for a 9 and 11 year-old. 

Guess what they wanted to do again today?

We’ve got more neighbors…and they’ve got more trees.  I supervised them knocking on a kind man’s door, and they cleaned his yard for him, as well as going back over our own yard with eyes newly sharpened by profits in the pockets.  At this moment, they’re industriously sorting the good from the bad, picking up some fine science lessons on the types of pecans and the pests that can infect them. 

And they’re already dreaming of next winter’s crop.  Don’t you love optimisim?


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