What is it about a big audience?

I discovered something interesting about my son today – he’d rather talk to 400 people than just one.  (It’s one of the joys of this whole parenting adventure – you get to keep discovering surprising new twists in your children.  I wonder if he’s still discovering new things about himself?)

We went to IHOP to eat pancakes for a good cause.  Hey, all causes are good if they let me eat panckaes. 🙂  The IHOP was offering free stacks of pancakes all day and asking people to donate to the Children’s Miracle Network.  Being the Good Homeschool Mom (that’s GHM for short, and I’ve got the badge) that I am, and the dedicated community servant, I signed my kids up for a one hour shift handing out flyers and asking people to make donations to the Children’s Miracle Network.  Hey, it’s 10 a.m.  All the other kids are behind desks.  Since my son’s favorite part of school right  is drama, I thought this would be no problem for him. 


Back to shy mode.  He kept his mouth clamped shut and refused to speak to a single person.  With a bit of nudging, he was able to hand out flyers to everyone in sight, but he wouldn’t speak.  He explained that he’s perfectly willing to get on stage and talk in front of 400 people, but he can’t talk to them one-on-one.  Hmmmm.  Okay.  Now we know his limits.  His current limits, anyway.  Who knows about tomorrow.

He did enjoy the pancakes.