Paper boxes


My son folds paper boxes.

It’s a neat little trick he picked up at art camp last year.  This kid’s hands are always moving – he’s never still unless he’s asleep, and maybe not then – so sometimes when he’s reading or talking he picks up square pieces of paper and folds them into boxes.  I keep finding them all over the house, all colors and all sizes, down to one barely big enough to slip over a pencil eraser.

He doesn’t have anything to put in the boxes, he just keeps folding them.  When we find something that needs to be boxed, he’ll be ready.  He sees no irony in creating boxes with no inventory, it’s simply the joy of creating.

I wish I could be more like that – simply enjoying the beauty and simplicity of creating and doing, with no agenda and no pressing need to be practical.  The wonders of childhood to simply sit and make boxes because it feels good!

Even more…I hope I get the opportunity to be around when he starts filling them.  He’s got a lot of potential in those empty boxes…


2 thoughts on “Paper boxes

  1. I think that is cool! He has a gift :-).

    I am here from the homeschool list. I think I may have commented before. It’s been awhile if I have. I need to come back here more often.

    Take care.

  2. I much prefer his talent to my daughter’s – she loves tearing perfectly good paper into teeny strips! There is probably a disorder named for this! I mean, there are paper strips from the new pack of construction paper I just bought, paper strips from what used to be cute pages of stickers, and, of course, paper strips from what else, toilet paper! Maybe I can teach her to fold little boxes??? 🙂

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