My son is a redneck joke

Homeschool field trips rock.  Yesterday, we took the kids on to Forth Worth to see Deep in the Heart, a musical about Texas history put on by Kids Who Care (  The play astounded us all with incredible performances and moving portrayals of the Alamo, tornado victims of Saragosa (go ahead and google that, it happened while I was attending high school in another small Texas town), and other historical vignettes.  My kids’ favorite parts, though, were the jokes scattered throughout.  They’ve been repeating them to each other  ever since.  Here’s one of their favorites:

If you ever hear a redneck yell, “Hey y’all, watch this!” then step back.  Those are probably the last words he’ll ever say on this earth.

It was funnier the first 7 or 8 times. 🙂 

Last night, I was mashing potatoes for dinner and I heard my youngest son zip past, followed by strange noises, and a muttered, “Wow, that could’ve hurt.”  I ignored this.  Then Sean began to live the joke.

“Hey, mom!  Watch this!” he yelled.  

I’m not sure why he yelled as he was standing exactly 8 inches from me, but apparently this sort of activity requires yelling. 

I turned in time to see him rocket across the kitchen tile floor in his stocking feet, assume a surfing position, and attempt to slide into the living room.  He feet shot up from under him and he hit the floor flat on his back. 

He might’ve been hurt, but it was hard to tell.  Everyone in the house was roaring with laughter, and he had to laugh, too.  Fortunately, he will live to attempt more foolish stunts in the future. 

Doggone it, I’m raising a redneck.


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