Setting New Standards

I stumbled onto this profound quote this morning while reading a few homeschool jokes:

“How do you ever expect your children to fit into the world if you don’t institutionalize them, and you encourage them to develop advanced vocabularies and you teach them self-sufficiency. This does not coincide with the new way — they must follow the new standards.”

Mother looked at Mr. Pointy Nose thoughtfully. “I appreciate your apparent concern, kind sir,” she said, ” but you see, I am not raising children to follow standards — I am raising them to set standards.”

It comes from a pointed story written by Tammy Drennan, a Georgia homeschooler, and it simply jumped off the page at me. 

Feel free to read the whole story; it isn’t long, and it paints a lovely picture of a homeschooling family (though I admit that I neither make my own preserves nor listen to Beethoven, my children have certainly shocked people with their vocabulary as happens in this story).

It’s an inspiration to me when people ask me how my children will fit in or meet public school standards of education.  We aren’t trying to meet the standards; we want to set new ones. 


One thought on “Setting New Standards

  1. Hi.

    Just wanted to let you know that there is now a sequel to Mr. Pointy Nose — Mr. Pointy Nose Returns:

    Father and Mother and their children find themselves in court. Mother makes her point with the judge and brother softens the heart of a stern social worker, a little.

    With the hope that this will encourage and strengthen homeschoolers everywhere.

    Tammy Drennan

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