Tiny, fluffy compassion

My husband has a theory that raising pets makes children more compassionate.

If this is true, I’m raising the next generation of Mother Teresas.

We’ve added yet another furry fluff of compassion to our ark…a dwarf hamster!


Kind of a fuzzy picture, but he is a fast-moving blur.  I think our hamster has ADHD.  Appropriately, we’ve dubbed him with a verb for a name.  Scuttle.

He joins 2 parakeets, 2 cats (yes, the cats ADORE the birds and hamster…shudder), and the dogs.  Luckily, we’ve just sold the last of the Bassett puppies (oh, can you say CUTE! nothing but sad eyes and ears everywhere), so we aren’t completely overrun with compassion. 


One thought on “Tiny, fluffy compassion

  1. How cute! I agree with your DH. Having three BIG dogs in the house isn’t really teaching the gentler side all that much. My house is a house of play. Roughhousing abounds.

    I’d love to see basset photos. How many deeoooohhhhggeeees did you say you have?

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