Larger than Life

Up close to the equipment, the size overwhelmed me.  

Yesterday, several homeschooling families toured a part of Shepard Air Force Base, led by a homeschool dad who’s a Tech Sergeant there.  He explained to the kids how the airmen train, maintain the aircraft, and use several planes and some of the weapons.  I see these planes fly overhead all the time, and of course, they’re on tv all the time, in the news and movies.  But you can’t really appreciate them from a distance.

We walked into a cargo helicopter that was easily the size of a house.  This thing flies??  Amazing.  We ran our hands across gun barrells longer than my truck.  (The boys tend to get an evil grin standing behind those…why is that?)  Jordan held an ammunition a foot long while we were told that the gun next to her could fire 73 of them per SECOND. 


My youngest told one mom on the tour this was the most exciting thing he’d ever done, and he asked the tech sergeant if we could come back tomorrow.  I know he’s entertaining dreams of flying heroically into battle someday to wipe out the bad guys in fiery glory.   Can you see the intensity on his face?  He wants to fly.  He’s inspired.


I have a greater appreciation for our uniformed heroes now, seeing the immense proportions of what they deal with daily, and getting a little glimpse of the muscle our military flexes.  I appreciate the flexibility homeschooling gives me to introduce my kids to so many aspects of the “real world,” but today, even more, I appreciate our military.  Those guys really are larger than life.


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