The Mad Scientist, the Elf, the Jedi, and the Vampire


That’s me this year as a pirate, my niece Amanda as Lady Vom Pyre, my eldest as the Jedi Knight (you don’t want to sell me death sticks…you want to give me all your candy), and in the front row Sean the Mad Scientist and Jordi the Elf (think Lord of the Rings, NOT Santa Claus).

One of the things I love about Halloween is the fantasy, the ability to act like someone you’re not.  I’ve noticed, though, that my children use it not to be someone else, but to bring out who they truly are inside.  Or at least, some part of who they’d truly love to be.

Looking back at many years of posed “about to go trick-or-treating” pictures, I can’t help but see a pattern.  My little girl is always in a long, flowing princess dress.  Sure, one year she called herself a witch and this year she called herself a Lord of the Rings Elf.  But come on…they’re all just different colored princess dresses.  She’s feminine, she likes to be adored, and she kinda likes bossing people around. LOL She’s a princess.

jordi-princess.jpg jordi-witch.jpg 

(A princess by any other name…)

One son is always a fantasy/sci fi super hero.  He always carries a weapon, and he generally has some supernatural/mystic/amazing ability.  Gandalf the White, Night Crawler the X Man, a Jedi Knight.  He always poses for the camera as though he’s attacking or fighting.  Hmmmm.  

cam-night-crawler.jpg cam-gandalf.jpg 

(Previous incarnations on the same theme.  Whatever you do, DON’T tell him he looks like Moses or Father Time.  He’s carrying a sword.  He’s clearly Gandalf the White! 🙂 )

And the little one…the goofy one…he defies patterns.  His costumes are random, chosen at the last minute, based on what’s lying around or what someone suggests.  Until this year.  Finally, I think Baby Brother has come into his own personality.  He dreamed this costume up a year ago, and we actually had to shop, borrow and search for certain pieces.   This Halloween, the true Sean emerged.  My precious Mad Scientist.  Gotta love him. 


The kids think this holiday is all about candy and scary movies.  I think it’s all about deciding what they value and who they want to be. 


One thought on “The Mad Scientist, the Elf, the Jedi, and the Vampire

  1. Great insight into the who of your awesome DC!

    Umm…mine dressed as a two headed alien that shared the same brain. What does this say about who my children really are? Suddenly, I am frightened….

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