Mall Day rocks!

I spent the whole day hanging out at the mall with teenagers and didn’t do any shopping.  Crazy, huh?  The racks of shoes on clearance stood neglected, and the beckons of the department store stayed unheeded.  Our attention was elsewhere.  We had robots.


If you’ve never been to a BEST Robotics, Inc. Mall Day, you’re missing some serious fun.  We were surrounded by school teams from all over North Texas.  We’re all preparing for a big tournament next weekend when we compete to see who has the best B.E.S.T. robot. Fun, huh?  In only 5 weeks, these junior high and high school kids have designed and built a robot that can be controlled remotely to drive up a ramp, around a platform, pick up boxes and bottles, drive down the ramp, and unload without being touched by human hands.  And no…we didn’t use a kit or pre-made set.  These parts are original designs, drawn by kids and fabricated from raw materials by kids (with constant guidance from mentors).  They’re all excited about it. 

 Can’t say that I blame them.


Jordi is driving in the first picture, and Cameron in the second.  The team t-shirts say MARS – Maniacs Attempting Robot Science.  It’s the first year for our homeschool group Home Educators Around Texoma (HEAT) to participate.  We’ve already got big plans for next year, too. 🙂


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