Girl Power!

The high-pitched whine died away suddenly as the petite brunette flipped the off switch on the left side of the bandsaw.  She scooped up the freshly carved wooden disc, tapped it on the table to knock off sawdust, and smiled slightly.

“Cool,” she stated matter of factly, and walked to a worktable littered with odd shapes of wood, plastic, metal and pvc pipe.

Just for a moment, Jordi looked like a veteran of the workshop, at home with power tools.  But two weeks ago she didn’t even know what the “black thingy” did…much less use one.

Jordi is one of 5 girls participating in the Home Educators Around Texoma’s inaugural robot building team, Maniacs Attempting Robot Science (MARS).  The other girls, Megan, Anna, Emma, and Katie  are starting to look quite at home with power tools, hand tools, and technical sketches.  Some came to the team with more tool experience, and others, like Jordi, are delving into new territotory.  One of the goal’s of the upcoming competition is to encourage girls to get excited about traditionally male areas, such as science, engineering, and tools.



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