Science class…homeschool style

I have to admit, this never happened in science class while I was in school (although I think we saw this in a Disney cartoon once…).

 While we were going about our chores with the door propped open to take advantage of the cool air, a small bird flew into our house.  Jordi rescued it from her cat, who was, of course, the first of us to spot the creature.  She scooped it up and took it outside to set it free. 

The bird said, “No thanks.  I like you.”


Maybe it was saying, “I’m too freaked out to move.” 

Sometimes bird body language can be tricky to interpret.

So, suddenly we’re studying birds this morning.  Pictures will be drawn.  Paragraphs will be written.  References are being checked to identify what kind of bird he is (right now, the prevailing theory is house wren).  Kids will whistle in an effort to convince the bird to clean our house (I know I saw that in a Disney cartoon).  Isn’t school fun?

P.S.  Yes, we are aware that wild birds carry mites, bugs, etc.  Proper sanitizing procedures are in place.   If anyone can positively identify the bird, please let us know!


2 thoughts on “Science class…homeschool style

  1. I love when this type of thing happens. We have done the same. It is so good to be allowed to be flexible so you can learn the lessons of the DAY rather than of hte BOOK…
    enjoyed your blog.

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